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DO NOT USE/REPOST MY WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION, especially for profit reasons!

Commissions: CLOSED: ->
please don't ask for an AT or Request as I do not do them!




Unhealthy obsession with Kyouhei since March 2012

Tumblr: yuka-liptus | Twitter: palmtreehero | pixiv: id=3654711 | Skype: please note me

I like a looooooooooooooooot of things.

"You can fail at what you DON'T want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you LOVE. " - Jim Carrey

- Just a palm tree! ^q^
- yuka | 8/25 | Australia
- English | 日本語が下手ですが頑張ります
- I really like Kyouhei

Hello! Please call me yuka or yato!
I always read the comments I get but I rarely reply or I reply very late. Please don't take it personally, I really appreciate all the comments, faves and watches I get; thank you! If you need a fast/definite reply, please contact me on my twitter or note me.


soul sister ♥ pimptreehero ♥ waifu


Thanks tsuki-ya for making me a fanclub :iconyuka-fanclub: I'm truly honored!


Talk shit get hit


**05/25 UPDATE: I'm in dire need of $40 by the end of this week (things came up) so sketch comms are open for 4-8 slots only! 
for people concerned about my hand/arm it's still sore at times but it's getting better with lots of rest and exercises //flexes non-existent muscles

after this I won't open again unless it's really an emergency (like now)... to those who've ordered previously I'll be finishing commission logs this week please expect them soon. 


hello I'll be closing commissions for an indefinite time... people who follow me on twitter may know that I'm struggling with arm/wrist pains right now and school work load + commissions is really taking a toll on me and I don't wanna make it worse to the point of not being able to draw anymore >< I haven't been able to do personal work in so long because of it. 

I may not open commissions again until a very long time, thank you for your understanding and I'm sorry to make the people who ordered wait (I'm really snail pace now!), thank you for understanding!! 


Bust-Up: $5 USD (one character only) 
*BG type is always white or simple
*Prices will also depend on how detailed the request

CKv0zPQUMAAdsoL.png-large by palmtreehero  2 by palmtreehero aria komomorii SketchComm by palmtreehero  Bw Sketch 02 by palmtreehero Bw Sketch 03 by palmtreehero WendyR Hijikata SketchComm by palmtreehero WendyR Vincent SketchComm by palmtreehero

Waist/Knee up: $10 USD + $5 extra character
* BG type is always white or simple
* Prices will also depend on how detailed the request
*Examples: 7 by palmtreehero
  4 by palmtreehero  3 by palmtreehero Bw Sketch 01 by palmtreehero
more examples here

Waist/Knee up only: $15 USD + $10 extra character
* BG type is always white or simple.
*DISCLAIMER: these are only quick color gradients and I will choose whether it will be waist/knee up depending on the pose I come up with
* Prices will also depend on how detailed the request 
*Examples: Colored Sketch 04 by palmtreehero Colored Sketch 05 by palmtreehero Colored Sketch 06 by palmtreehero Colored Sketch 03 by palmtreehero

more examples here

Please scroll down and read the rules first!

[GOALS] The money I earn will go to:

  1. my tuition 
  2. a new computer  [DONE ✔]
  3. Japan Trip (I plan to go with my big brother in 2017) 

Please read on if you are interested! (prices and other changes + new samples have been updated since the last opening)

1. Behaved [payment received] 

  • Type: painted bust-shot 
  • Characters: Akiko
  • Status: 1/3

2. animefan0456 [payment received] 

  • Type: Full CG bust-shot
  • Characters: Darius
  • Status: 1/3
3. animefan0456 [payment received] 
  • Type: Full CG bust-shot
  • Characters: Amelia
  • Status: 1/3

4. animefan0456 [payment received] 

  • Type: Full CG bust-shot
  • Characters: Matthew 
  • Status: 1/3
5. 4. dcpegues [payment received] 
  • Type: Full CG full body 
  • Characters: Roy + fem!Kamui 
  • Status: Not Started


FULL CG  why would you want this
Bust-up: $15 USD 
Mikleo by palmtreehero bust_sample_01 by palmtreehero Bust Sample 022 by palmtreehero bust_sample_03 by palmtreehero
Waist/Knee up: $35 USD + $20 extra character
Full Body: $45 USD + $25 extra character
* BG type is always white or simple.
* Prices will also depend on how detailed the request

*Examples: Atelier Escha and Logy Anime Congratulations! by palmtreehero  Kano For Airi by palmtreehero  Sword Art Online II Congratulations!! by palmtreeheroHappy No.6 Day 2014 by palmtreehero WELCOME BACK SAO ANIME..!! by palmtreehero P3 by palmtreehero Detective Conan -   Sunflowers of Inferno by palmtreehero Full Body Sample Neoabyss by palmtreehero

more examples can be found on my gallery and tumblr

:new: PAINTED STYLE :new:
Bust-shot: $12 USD
*BG type is always white or simple.
* Prices will also depend on how detailed the request

 Painted Bust Shot Sample01 by palmtreehero Painted Bust Shot Sample02 by palmtreehero painted_01 by palmtreehero Nn N by palmtreehero
Waist/Knee-up: $25 USD + $15 extra character
* BG type is always white or simple.
* Disclaimer: I will choose whether it will be waist/knee up depending on the pose I come up with
* Prices will also depend on how detailed the request
Kanekii by palmtreeheroTumblr N80hnt4ugt1qmwstmo1 1280 by palmtreeheroMeimei by palmtreehero Paintcomm Example 1 by palmtreehero  paintcomm example 3 by palmtreehero--


✧ All prices are in USD 
✧ ALL DIGITAL WORK. I will draw up to 3 people only. Prices will also depend on complexity of your request.
✧ paypal preferred (but if you do not have one and still want to commission me please contact me via email)
 We can always discuss price ranges (but please keep in mind I price considering how long I take on a piece!)
✧ I will not necessarily accept your commission request (meaning I can reject it if I feel uncomfortable drawing it)
✧ Image sizes will depend but most of the time 800-1000px wide 
✧ Commissions will be noted back to you or emailed and may be uploaded on my sites (please let me know if you would not like me to upload them)
No deadlines, I try to get them when I can, please don't rush me. 

Will not draw/cannot draw...
- Please look in my gallery before commissioning.
- muscle men 
- R18
- Mechas, Buildings, cars... etc....
- Animals/monsters/Non-Human anatomy inc. furries 
- Overly detailed things. (I can... try but I will charge more depending on how detailed the thing is)
- Real people (so kpop stars etc)

:star:How to purchase:star:

Note me:
  • Type: (Waist/Knee up or Full body and Full CG or sketch)
  • Characters: (Who you want me to draw, please include reference in your note + small notes on your character's personality/traits or your headcanons!)

Subject: Commission

with the following content:

  • Type: (Sketch/Colored/FULL CG Sketch and Waist/Knee up or Full body)
  • Characters: (Who you want me to draw, please include reference + small notes on your character’s personality/traits or your head canons!)

Hi! I'm really running out of space for stuff in my room so I thought I'd make a journal of things I'm selling! Includes manga, games and charms!!
hibihiyo strap sold!

Shipping everywhere

D.Gray-man VOL 1-5 20USD (no shipping yet) 

6 by palmtreehero

D.Gray-man VOL 6-11 40USD (no shipping yet) 

3 by palmtreehero

Kagerou Project HibiHiyo 5USD (2USD shipping) 
2 by palmtreehero

NORAGAMI limited edition Bishamon + Kazuma 12USD (4USD shipping gonna use a tougher envelope) 
1 by palmtreehero

SHIPPING TO AUSTRALIA ONLY (shipping $$ included): 

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (45AUD)  
Pokemon X version  (45AUD)
Fire Emblem Awakening (55AUD)


Hi I don't usually make journals but I'm hosting a split on these durarara!! straps...!! if you're interested in a character please fill out this google form sharing this journal is also greatly appreciated!! 

//I'll delete this entry some time! 
2015 summary by palmtreehero
2015 summary
I actually got way busy/drained this year so I have to say I'm kinda bummed I couldn't draw as much this year... but it was a fun!!

Last year's summary: [2014 summary]

Commission Info here:

paypal commissions: all styles open

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